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Smart Growing

Grow your best plants with VPD and Smart Growing

Everyone wants to grow the best plants possible. In our previous posts, we discussed Smart Growing Solutions to help manage your grow in a greenhouse or in another controlled environment. Today’s post is a deeper dive into what Vapour Pressure Deficit(VPD) is, why it’s important and how Check-It has automated the VPD calculation to bring all your critical measurements onto one dashboard. As a grower, you want to focus on making real improvements to your grow. Grow your best plants with VPD and Smart Growing.

“When producers grow with an understanding of vapor pressure deficit, they enjoy increased cyclical rates and more substantial development of their crops.WWW.CANNABISTECH.COM

What is VPD?

VPD, is the difference (deficit) between the amount of moisture in the air and how much moisture the air can hold when it is saturated. VPD is measured in kPa (kilopascals,). Vapour pressure deficit is the difference between the vapour pressure inside and outside of the plant.

What VPD charts are:

VPD is important because it allows you to work out the right range of temperatures and humidity to aim for. This gives you the opportunity to optimize and fine tune your grow room. Each strain and each growth phase has its own VPD requirements for optimization.

A VPD chart is a visual representation of how relative humidity and temperature interact to provide an environment for your plants. Normally relative humidity is shown horizontally and temperature vertically. There are very heavy calculations behind the scenes when calculating VPD.

Obviously, you have an indoor grow that’s working, VPD can help you improve it. VPD is no silver bullet and is part of the package of observing and learning from your plants.

How we do it?

After many years of experience providing innovative IoT Solutions, Check-It understands that not everyone wants to see just charts and graphs.  As a result, we provide many different algorithms and formulas to make growing as simple as possible.   One of those formulas include automated calculation of the vapor pressure deficit to understand if your ambient air temperature and humidity are at the proper levels depending on the stage of your growth cycle.  This can be at an even higher degree of accuracy with our wet leaf temperature sensors added as well.  

There is a purpose behind everything that you are trying to measure when you are managing your growing environment. By understanding your vapor pressure deficit (VPD), as a grower, you will have enhanced cycle rates and larger yielding plants. Proper VPD management allows for nutrients to be distributed more effectively. VPD measurements provide actionable data about humidity, temperature and airflow. We want you to Grow your best plants with VPD and Smart Growing.

Benefits of maintaining the right temperature and humidity:

  • reduces environmental issues like mould and mildew
  • reduce pest problems
  • enables you to grow the best plants

VPD also impacts:

  • How your plants take up nutrients and CO2
  • How fast they transpire (give off water vapour through the stomata.)
  • How stressed they are

Want to get started?

With our Smart Growing Monitoring Solutions, we collaborate to define what to measure, understand why you are measuring each item, and determine what the optimal conditions are. The next step is to put all of the data together and pull out actionable data to make better decisions. Check-It has been adapting technology for smart growing in greenhouses and micro-cultivation applications. Contact us today to get started.

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